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Artist Residency: Experiencing Lubhu by Davu Gallery

Nestled in the breathtaking Kathmandu Valley, Lubhu beckons with its natural splendor, cultural richness, and warm hospitality. Despite its allure, Lubhu remains a hidden gem for the global arts community. Through the Artist Residency Program, Davu Gallery aims to unlock Lubhu's potential as a creative hub and a center for cultural exchange.

Our Objectives

1. To immerse international and national artists in Lubhu's culture, traditions, and landscapes for a transformative experience.

2. To catalyze economic growth in Lubhu by attracting cultural tourists and supporting local businesses through the residency program.

3. To foster connections between artists and the Lubhu community, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration.

4. To showcase Lubhu's cultural and natural heritage through the artworks created during the residency, enhancing its visibility and appeal globally.

How to Apply?

Registration for the camp is free! Applicants are requested to submit the following materials via an email to Davu Gallery:-

  • 1. Complete portfolio with a brief Biography/CV

  • 2. A short paragraph explaining why you find Davu Gallery's Artist Residency in Lubhu, Nepal, compelling.

  • 3. Copy of passport (for international participants)

  • 4. Two Recommendation letters

  • 5. Please submit your application electronically to our official email address: nepalartresidency@gmail.com


Embracing Diversity and Adventure

“The Artist Residency: Experiencing Lubhu” welcomes individuals from all corners of the world who have a passion for art and culture. It extends its invitation not only to visual artists but also to those in diverse creative fields such as poets, writers, journalists, singers, musicians, filmmakers, and beyond.

While there are no age restrictions for participants, preference will be given to young artists eager to explore and innovate.

The residency is ideally suited for adventurous spirits willing to step out of their comfort zones, not for those seeking luxurious accommodations and extravagant meals. Instead, it is designed for individuals who appreciate the simplicity of rural living, where shared resources foster communal experiences with fellow artists and the local community.

What Davu Residency Provides?

  • Food & Accommodation: Davu shall cover the cost of food and accommodation for participants in Lubhu, sourced locally.

  • Interpreter & Guide: International participants receive interpreters and guides for a better understanding of the local language and culture.

  • Pre and Post Camp Support: Davu assists international participants with local accommodations, food, and transportation from arrival in Nepal to departure, if required.

Participant’s Responsibility

  • Transportation Cost: Participants must cover their transportation expenses regardless of country of origin.

  • Cost of Art Materials: Participants must handle all material costs according to their project parameters.

  • Note: Participants need not present a predetermined plan of action; ideas can be generated on-site.

Artist Residency: Application Deadline

  • Experiencing Lubhu: - Organized by Davu Gallery

  • Application Deadline: Application Deadline: April 12, 2024

  • Finalist Announcement: April 16, 2024

  • Camp Date: May 8 - May 21, 2024

  • Opens on: May 18, 2024 Venue: Lubhu, Davu Gallery Residency, Nepal

  • Note: Selected applicants will receive confirmation via email by April 16, 2024.

  • Contact UsFor any inquiries, please contact us via email at nepalartresidency@gmail.com or phone at +977 9761782238.